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Anonymous asked: How to backup save file?

Go to your saved games folder, select Game.rxdata, copy & paste.

Anonymous asked: How does fusing shiny pokemon work, if i fuse one normal and one shiny pokemon will the fusion be shiny? If i unfuse said pokemon will i get two non shiny pokemon back? Does unfusing a shiny fusion give you two normal shiny pokemon?

If you fuse a shiny Pokemon the fusion will be shiny. I actually don’t know what will happen if you unfuse a shiny Pokemon Fusion…

Anonymous asked: Will fusion generation II feature some form of mega evolution?

Maybe at some point.

Anonymous asked: From my previous question you answered that Luvitar can be catchable if I had the Valentine card, thing is I don't have Valentine cause I just downloaded and played this game late March this year and I tried to get it from Mystery Gift and all I got was FMs... Does this mean I can't catch it anymore and I can't take back my Rayquaza back from Oak since I can't complete my Fusion Dex?

Luvitar doesn’t count toward any unlockables so you should be able to get Rayquaza back without it.

Anonymous asked: Is Luvitar not catchable in Route 16 anymore?

It should be if you have the valentine and you haven’t caught one before.

Anonymous asked: Question: i need mismagius for a trade but i cant find the dusk stone to evolve misdreavus. where do i find it?

Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town

Anonymous asked: I'm in Ceruland City , how to get back to Pewter City?

Go back through Underground Tunnel and Diglett’s Cave.

Anonymous asked: You did you create such a great storyline for this game? I'm experimenting with Pokemon Essentials... But the game just doesn't have a good feel to it... I added music the mappings good but it comes off as BORING... Can you give me some tips? I think its because of the storyline...

Thanks, I appreciate that. A good thing to do might be to play through some of the official games and draw inspiration from their storylines. For me I sort of built on loose ends from the series but even if you want to have a completely original plot it could be really helpful to have it fresh in your mind the structure of a Pokemon game. The great thing about fan games is that you can do pretty much whatever you want so have fun with it and just keep trying different things until you feel like it works. I hope that helps.

Anonymous asked: How to evolve Pokemon with Location based evolution, like Magneton to Magnezone and the others?

The Magnet Train will evolve Magneton. You can get Leafeon and Glaceon through trading.