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I’m excited to announce that a second installment of Pokémon Fusion Generation is now in development! Pokémon Fusion Generation II will be an all new game set a few years after the first Pokémon Fusion Generation. Some features you can expect are:

  • Over 100 new Pokémon Fusions, over 200 total
  • Fusions get evolutionary lines and breeding
  • All Fusions can be caught, fused, hatched, or migrated from Pokémon Fusion Generation
  • Explore Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and more

I will be working with the best Pokémon Fusion/splicing blog around ThatSplicingAdventure on the Fusion sprites in this game. Plus, I’ll be taking submissions from followers. Read the Submission Guidelines to find out how you can get your Pokémon Fusions in the next game.

Pokémon Fusion Generation II will be out some time next year. In the meantime I’ll be posting teasers and revealing new Pokémon Fusions here.

The usual disclaimer: I don’t own any rights to the Pokémon brand and the Fusion Generation series isn’t associated in any way with Nintendo, Game Freak, or any of the creators of Pokémon. Remember to support the official series as well as fan works. Pre-order Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, you know, because they’re going to be awesome.


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